Excellent, friendly and knowledgeable. They do exactly what is needed with very reasonable prices!

Brian Clanton

Local business, good rates, great service.

Travis Chandler

Ken is unfailingly courteous, almost always upbeat and makes sure he explains his findings and proposed solutions clearly -- also explaining proposed charges so there's no mystery to the client.

Donna Centner

Hey just wanted to say thanks...I live by a field and due to conditions outside the bugs (Spiders!) likes my house better. I been dealing with this for awhile but i called this Common Sense pest control place and they nailed it first time no more bugs at all. Thanks so much and my wife says thanks too.

Vic Easterling

These guys are just awesome! Ken came on time and examined everything, we got rid of the bugs that have been such a pain in the a** for years. What I liked the most was their polite communication and fast service.

Tarik Djozic

Ken has been taking care of our home for years. He is always on time and asks about any new problems we might be having. He makes sure everything is taken care of and we have never had bug problems.

Dawne Reinhardt

Ken was polite, friendly, and professional--and took the time to explain things to me. I'm very impressed with this pest control service. If your looking for a company that is honest and dependable you have the found the right company. Use them if you want to get the job done right the first time!

nick dear

Calling you was the best decision! I had major problem with roaches and Ken was just so wonderful to work with. He came on time, was polite, he knew what he was doing and he got everything done at an affordable price. I highly recommend this pest control company! Great job, guys! KEEP IT UP!

Rebecca Dawson

I gotta tell ya, you guys did an awesome job! Don't know what I would have done with those critters running around my house! It was a little embarrassing having "roaches" around when company was here but you guys did the job!


Common Sense Termite & Pest Control is by far the best pest control company in the Fort Worth area. Few things can be as stressful as dealing with bugs, but these guys are absolute pros.

Cheryl Comeau